Areti Interiors


First Appointment With Our Designers for Free

You have decided to renovate, to build your new home or your commercial establishment. CALL US now for an appointment and we will give you advice on how to proceed with the renovation, furnishing or equipment of your place for free. This is the first step to creating your bespoke interior solution.


Creative Visualisation

This creative stage includes the selection of furnishings and the most appropriate colour palette to bring out the best in your place. It may also include measurements by craftsmen, specific furniture suggestions and everything that could be useful for a complete change of taste or a start of something new.

Delivery and Installation

This is the stage to implement our creative ideas and to ensure that the decoration of your property matches the vision of how you imagined it to be. This includes the harmonious ensemble of furnishings, lighting as well as the fabrics and materials that we helped you choose.

Project Completion

The final stage of the project is a call for perfection. We want to deliver the completion of your place without the packaging and waste. We want you to marvel at the end result with all the new décor now in place from carpets, to pictures and the smallest statuette. Our passion is evident in our attention to detail and the final effect.

An Extra Service

If you are as meticulous as we are in our quest for aesthetic pleasure and creative solutions, Areti Interiors offer an extra service concerning the organization of your home or commercial establishment. We can choose and install for you, the right electrical appliances and equipment that suit your needs for practical and comfortable living.